The Neo 1.6 wood heater is one of the highest efficient wood heaters available. At a stunning 75% efficient, these heaters not only burn soo much less wood than others, they also have a burn time of over 12+ hours Its not just the Neo’s flames that make this heater a stand out – it’s […]

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high efficient wood heater

Neo 2.5 Wood Heater Heats 250+M2

Neo 2.5 Wood Heater

The Neo 2.5 wood heater is the highest efficient Pacific Energy wood heaters available. At a stunning 82% efficient, these heaters not only burn soo much less wood than others, they also have a burn time of over 12+ hours Heats: 250M2 6 Star rated at 82% efficient: rated one of the most efficient heaters […]

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Super Wood Heater Heats 210+M2

Super Wood Heater

One quality heater with a firebox built to take long logs…the Super 27 is perfect for the home that needs a heater to burn for 12+ hours and use the least amount of wood. Love that you can custom design your Super27 to suit your home with Pedestal or go the traditional Cottage leg look. […]

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vista wood heater

Vista Wood Heater Heats 160+M2

Vista Wood Heater

The Vista wood heater is built tough…Designed for the Canadian cold winters, it’s built to burn all day and all night. The Vista can be designed to suit your home with Legs or Pedestal look…or change the door to a Chrome plated finish. To top it off it has a great cook top! Heats: 160M2 […]

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Summit Wood Heater Heats 300+m2

Summit Wood Heater

One serious heater, designed for the coldest Canadian winters: perfect for the harsh Australian winters. Fully fire bricked lined, for added Thermal mass – HUGE firebox for the largest wood that can burn for 12-15+ hours The Summit is designed for homes that demand a serious wood heater to perform all night long With a […]

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Yunca Monte Wood Heater Heats 200+m2

Yunca Monte Wood Heater

Yunca is New Zealands No1 brand. It made it by building heaters that work in cold wet areas: and that is just what this heater does The Monte is designed with 40mm furnace fire bricks that give this long thermal mass of heat, keeping homes warmer longer. And the Stainless Steel baffle acts as a […]

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Yunca Dual does twice as much It’s a wood heater that heats 200+m2 And 2 x Radiators (a mini hydronic system) It comes as a simple DIY kit with: 2 x radiators (perfect for bedroom or hallway) Pump, thermostat and controls 50mtrs of Red & Blue Hydronic Pipe Work Header Tank Everything you need to […]

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Pyroclassic Wood Heater Heats 180+M2

Pyroclassic Wood Heater

The Pyroclassic is not a normal wood heater: it’s a high efficient, high performance mini wood furnace that heats for hours and hours The firebox is made from ceramic – meaning it burns wood at a higher temperature and 3 times more efficient than traditional heaters Designed 30+ years ago in New Zealand, the Pyroclassic […]

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Alderlea T6 Wood Heater Heats 300+m2

Alderlea T6 Wood Heater

The Alderlea T6 is built for the larger homes – and built not only to perform, but with eye to detail with the stunning cast finish A massive 450mm deep firebox is perfect for long 12 to 15 hour burn times: but its the fire that makes this heater a stand out, one of the […]

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Alderlea T5 Wood Heater Heats 210+M2

Alderlea T5 Wood Heater

The Alderlea T5 wood heater is outstanding. It not just the stunning cast finish, or the deep 450mm deep firebox, or the top that opens as a trivet, or the 12+ hour burn time or the stunning way the Alderea burns Perfect for the medium to larger homes looking for a wood heater that not […]

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