564CF Instal Low Res
$5250 - starting from

Lopi 564 (Clean Face) GS2 heats 90m2

Lopi 564 (Clean Face) GS2

The design of the Lopi 564 GS2 allows you to add the beauty of fire with a large viewing area while giving you control over the heat. The huge turn-down rate makes the 564 GS2 fireplace ideal for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and dens and for those not needing a large amount of heat, […]

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564 diamond
$6155 - starting from

Lopi 564 Diamond Fyre™ GS heats 90m2

Lopi 564 Diamond Fyre™ GS

The 564 Diamond-Fyre does not utilise logs and embers. Instead, a sleek black enamel fire container holds the dancing flames. Glowing crushed glass, lit from below with the standard accent lights, surrounds the fire and sparkles with tiny reflections of the flames. Please contact the showroom for information relating to the face and grill options […]

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$5865 - starting from

Lopi 564 HO GS2 heats 158m2

Lopi 564 HO GS2

The 564 HO2 is designed for heating larger living areas. Standard features include ceramic glass for extra radiant heat and a Mj input of 35Mj. Optional media include the Dancing-Fyre™ or Ember-Fyre™ Log effect burner, rocks or driftwood in the striking Diamond-Fyre™ burner. Please contact the showroom for information relating to the face and grill […]

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$5999 - starting from

Lopi 864 (Clean Face) GS2 heats 125m2

Lopi 864 (Clean Face) GS2

The 864 GS2 is perfect for bigger rooms or as a beautiful, decorative fire all year long. It features a wide Mj turn down range for more heat flexibility and flame viewing options. A wide range of face styles and options are available to create a fire to suit you and your decor. The 864 […]

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$7115 - starting from

A home is a combination of dreams and choices, each a reflection of you. From the most intimate engraved details on a fireplace face to the grandest of fires, our fireplaces bring a sense of style to your home. The 864ST GS2 maintains this tranquility with a perfect balance between the firebox, logs and flames. […]

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$6299 - starting from

Lopi Linear 3615 HO GS2 heats 158m2

Lopi Linear 3615 HO GS2

The Lopi 3615 HO GS2 is the smallest in the line-up of our linear fireplaces. The smaller dimensions of the 3615 make it suitable for smaller room proportions or walls. The decreased size of the 3615 however does not mean a low heat output. With a gas input of 35Mj/hr and ceramic glass for increased radiant […]

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$6799 - starting from

Lopi Linear 4415 HO heats 195m2

Lopi Linear 4415 HO

The 4415 HO gas fireplace brings you the very best in home heating and style with its sleek, linear appearance and impressively high heat output. With a long row of dancing flames and built-in fans, the 4415 is not only an excellent heater but a beautiful focal point in your home. Turn on the under-lighting […]

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Lopi 4415ST-cropped-b&w
$8249 - starting from

Lopi Linear 4415 ST HO GS2 heats 195m2

Lopi Linear 4415 ST HO GS2

The Lopi 4415 ST HO GS2 is the latest in the Lopi Linear range of high output gas fireplaces. This striking double sided fireplace features ceramic glass for increased radiant heat, dual blowers that can be directed equally to both sides of the fireplace or adjusted to blow out of just one side for design flexibility. […]

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$8199 - starting from

Lopi Linear 6015 HO GS2 heats 260m2

Lopi Linear 6015 HO GS2

The Lopi 6015 HO GS2 is the largest in the Lopi linear range of gas fireplaces. The 6015 features almost 1.5metres of flame, beauty and heat! With underlighting and the optional Driftwood Log Fyre-Art or and Driftwood Twig & Stone Fyre-Art, this fireplace will certainly be a talking in your home as well as providing heating of […]

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$4640 - starting from

The Lopi DVS GS2 Gas Insert is designed to turn your existing fireplace into an economical and beautiful heat source. You’ll still enjoy a gorgeous fire without loosing the heat out your chimney! If you require a larger version check out the DVL GS.

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