There is nothing like the Xander – its not just a New Zealand made wood heater that heats 220+m2… But it is also an open fire; the door opens down so you can run your Xander as an open fire for those romantic nights in front of your fire With an auto fan, meaning no more […]

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Pacific Energy make some serious performing heaters, the Neo 1.6 ticks all the boxes. Made in Canada for the coldest winters, its designed to burn clean and efficient for hours. Heats 200+m2 4Star rated at 67% Efficient and clean burning at 1.1grms 12+ Hour Burn time on a full load of wood For a medium […]

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The Neo 2.5 Inbuilt wood heater has proven to be one of the most impressive performing wood heaters. 12+ hour burn time is easy – fast heat up, cleanest glass – Dual fans that dont blow dust – a heater that is 5 Star rated at 72% efficient: it’s just not any wood heater, its […]

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Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Large Heats 300m2

Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Large

Introducing the Flush Wood Large Hybrid-Fyre™Insert This large fireplace insert features the exclusive clean burning Hybrid-Fyre™Technology. Hybrid-Fyre™ Technology is a fusion of known wood combustion (kiln fired firebrick, stainless baffles, and stainless steel secondary combustion air tubes, with the addition of our catalytic assist technology. Primary combustion burn occurs in the firebox with our secondary […]

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Lopi Flush Wood Medium Heats 250m2

Lopi Flush Wood Medium

The Lopi Flush Wood is one of the latest additions to the range of Lopi Wood Inserts. Featuring emissions of only 1.5 g/Kg making this insert one of the cleanest burning wood heaters on the market. This streamlined Lopi offers the option of four faces, the Shadow Box, Cypress, Metropolitan and Universal. Both the Shadow Box and Cypress faces offer a […]

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