Brivis Serenity Direct Drive Evaporative Cooler

Introducing the all NEW Brivis Serenity™ – a high efficiency, direct-drive evaporative cooler. Incorporating a specially designed DC Direct Drive Centrifugal Fan, the NEW Brivis Serenity™ is designed for power, performance and reliability. The wide product range is available in three models and two popular colour options (Charcoal and Beige).

The NEW Brivis Serenity™ has a variable speed centrifugal fan that maximises airflow while maintaining the whisper-quiet performance you have come to expect from Brivis – all without compromising power and quality.  With a standard bottom discharge configuration, and fitted with a water inlet solenoid valve and gravity closing winter seal, the NEW Brivis Serenity™ is the perfect evaporative cooling solution for your home. Specifically designed for use with the dedicated wired programmable controller, the NEW Brivis Serenity™ can be programmed to suit your application perfectly.

Dedicated LCD Programmable Controller

The NEW Brivis Serenity™ programmable controller provides you with maximum flexibility of operation of your NEW Brivis Serenity™. With an easy to read LCD screen, 7 day programmable feature and multi unit connectivity (through hub connectors), the Brivis Serenity™ controller has you covered.


What is ducted evaporative cooling and how does it work?

Ducted evaporative cooling is a whole of home solution that allows you to cool the entire house using just one system.

The outdoor unit is usually located on the roof of the home and installed on a dropper duct. Cool air is drawn from outside, passed though moistened filter pads then  circulated throughout the home via a network of ducts. A ducted evaporative cooling system delivers clean fresh, naturally cooled air throughout your home. Doors and windows are left open to exhaust the air. The clean filtered air leaves your home free of any contaminants.


Key benefits of ducted evaporative cooling

The key benefit of ducted evaporative cooling is whole of home cooling that is significantly cheaper to install and significantly cheaper to run than standard ducted refrigerated aircondtioning systems that usually operate as a zoned system. And with power prices in Australia now higher than average prices paid by comparable OECD countries, never before has evaporative cooling been more clearly the best way to keep you cooling energy costs at a manageable level.

Evaporative cooling is the healthy choice, circulating clean, fresh, naturally cooled air throughout your home, compared  to recirculated air used in ducted refrigerated aircondtioning systems. The clean, filtered air is soft and gentle on the eyes and nose and does not dry out the skin which is often better for hay fever and many asthma suffers.

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