Central Boiler Classic EDGE Out Side Wood Boilers

Classic Edge 550

Made in the USA for extreme cold – the Classic EDGE boilers are high efficient Gasogen style Wood Boilers

Gasogen means the fire burns up side down.

  • The Wood is smoldering away providing excess smoke
  • The Classic Edge fan then re-generates the smoke into a high intense fire ( up to 1,000oC )
  • This burns underneath in a burn chamber, under the water storage
    • that heats the water for your radiators or in-slab heating
classic edge wood boiler
classic edge wood boiler


Perfect for heating Hydronic heating

The Classic Edge will heat up to 50Kw of water ; enough for a large home up to 500m2

Easy to control

The Classic Edge is perfect for the tech head.. understand your boilers control with the Central Boil App..

Even tells you when to re-load

classic edge wood boiler control
classic edge wood boiler control

The Classic Edge Wood Boiler