• Add 4kW Wet back (hot water jacket) $690

  • Multi Fuel Grate (for burning coal) $490

  • Optional Stainless Steel Splash Back $650

  • Optional Esse Range Hood $2790

  • esse enamel flue (900mm length) $220

  • Standard Triple Skin Flue (4m) w/ heat shield $650

  • Flashing (metal roof) $65

  • Flashing (tiled roof) $95



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Esse Iron Heart Wood Stove

ESSE Iron Heart Wood Stove

Made in the UK – ESSE have been hand making wood stoves since 1854…

The ESSE Iron Heart is ESSE’s hero cooker – it is designed for the home that wants more…and it delivers.

  • Glass Firebox door: Not only can you see your fire, but it will also heat 80m2
  • Screen for Firebox door: So you can reduce the heat into the room down to about 2om2
  • Large single oven: This deep oven is heated on all sides, so there’s no cold spots!
  • DOGBONE hot plate: Massive cast hot plate that can take 6+ pots at one time
  • 2 x Round chrome hot plate covers: Not only reduces the heat into your home, but they look AMAZING!
  • Enameled Hob: Easy to clean top..
esse iron heart slow combustion wood stove
esse iron heart slow combustion wood stove

The classic design not only looks amazing, but is perfect for homes wanting a cooker that also heats.

The Hot Water Options add a new element to your cooker

  • The 5kW wet back is perfect for heating up a 400+ltr hot water tank
  • Or upgrade to the 8kW wet back so you can also add a couple of radiators

We have a working model at our store and we cook on this all the time (we love this stove)

Esse Iron Heart Review

Esse at River Cottage

Cooking on the Esse Iron Heart


Height 900mm
Width 900mm
Depth 600mm