• Times Square - Black $1

  • Cypress Face - Black $235

  • Shadow Box - Bronze $44

  • Metropolitan Face - Black $55

  • Universal Face - Black $55

  • One piece panel - small $230

  • One piece panel - large $285

  • Four sided panel $505

  • Zero clearance $1299

  • Standard Triple Skin Flue (4m) w/ heat shield $650

  • Flashing (metal roof) $65

  • Flashing (tile roof) $95



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Lopi Flush Wood Medium Heats 250m2

Lopi Flush Wood Medium

The Lopi Flush Wood is one of the latest additions to the range of Lopi Wood Inserts. Featuring emissions of only 1.5 g/Kg making this insert one of the cleanest burning wood heaters on the market. This streamlined Lopi offers the option of four faces, the Shadow Box, Cypress, Metropolitan and Universal. Both the Shadow Box and Cypress faces offer a new unique look
when compared to the traditional characteristics of other inserts within the range. The Cypress Face has accent lights included on both sides of the face and offers a curved front making this a truly striking and innovative design. The Shadow Box face is designed for those wanting straighter lines to fit with a more contemporary design. For a finish with a little more detail there is
the Metropolitan and Universal.
The Lopi Flush Wood is standard with a fan for increased convection heat.

Please contact us for all fascia options available.

Height 547mm
Width 734mm
Depth 451mm