• 1ton Pellet Silo Storage with Auto Fill Auger $1500

  • TjermoPEX inground Hydronic Pipe Work $85per meter

  • 1 Ton Pellet Fuel - EX Melbourne $954



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Pellet Boiler

Maxim Pellet Boiler

The Maxim Pellet Boiler offers an alternative to heating your hydronic heating.. using 100% recycled Wood Pellets

Made in the USA for extreme cold – the Maxim Pellet boiler is a serious work horse

Designed to sit outside your home, the Hopper ( where you store your pellets ) can take up to 1 weeks supply of fuel in its large 275Kg capacity hopper

maxium pellet boiler
maxium pellet boiler

With auto start, all you need to do is set your thermostat and the Maxim Pellet boiler kicks into action and wil provide the right amount of hot water to heat your inslab or radiators around your home

30Kw of hot water will heat up to a 300m2 home with the Maxim boiler