• Remote Control $500

  • Low Rise Stand 360* $1200

  • Wood Storage 360* $1400

  • Bench 360* $1500

  • Flue Kit 3.6m Charcoal $650



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TQH-43 Freestanding Fireplace


The new Chazelles TQH-43 appliance offers the combined pleasure of simple operation plus exceptional energy efficiency. Reach out, press the button, and the flames will obey your commands! A calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames, you decide.

This technology patented preheats the combustion air to over 200oC and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire, to obtain spectacular flame effects, from roaring fire to multicoloured secondary combustion flames that dance above the logs.

The tempo of the fire will intensify or slow down at the touch of a button. the remote control is equipped with a thermostat which lets you select your desired temperature, and the stove will regulate itself automatically.

TQH43 Features




Height 822
Width 430
Depth 355