Gas heating is one of the most economical ways to heat your home. It is one of the most greehouse friendly fuel sources on the market. At Heating and Cooling Services we can offer you many gas appliances to heat your home.

  • Air Conditioning

    There are two forms of air conditioning that Heating and Cooling Services can provide to cool your home.  We are able to provide ducted evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning, either ducted or split systems.

  • Fireplaces

    Gas flame fires are designed to the look and feel of traditional wood fires. With just the push of a button, you not only have instant heat, but the ambience and glow of flickering flames, without all the mess and inconvenience of a real wood fire.

  • Hydronic Heating

    Hydronic heating is the ultimate when it comes to heating. Unlike ducted heating where warm air is re-circulated via ducts around your home, hydronic heating is draught free, clean and silent.

  • Wood Fired Heaters

    We specialise in quality wood heaters that burn all night long.

    We are your local Pivot Stove showroom - showcasing their full range in our showroom

    We also have Lopi & Morso wood heaters on display


Heating and Cooling Services, Fyshwick Canberra

Heating and Cooling Services have been family owned and operated in the Canberra and Queanbeyan area for over 30 years.

We specialise in the supply and installation ofpacific energy neo wood heater


Heating - Cooking - Cooling - Hot Water Systems

- Ducted gas systems - Slow Combustion Wood Stoves  - Evaporative cooling systems - Hot Water Systems - Hydronic Heating Systems - Air Conditioners - Ducted refrigerative - Gas fireplaces - Wood fires -


"Our commitment is to produce the best results for all our clients"


Are you building?

Our Heating and Cooling Services team can co-ordinate and liase with your preferred builder to supply and install your heating, cooling and hot water requirements.

As one of Canberra's leading supplier of hydronic heating systems we are able to offer a system designed to suit the clients needs and full installation of the system.



Regular maintenance is a key component to having your heating or cooling system operating efficiently and saving you in the long run.

Heating and Cooling Services have and will continue to offer the Canberra and surrounding areas service for their heating and cooling appliances, ducted gas heating, gas log fires,ducted evaporative and refrigerative cooling, split reverse cycle systems.


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